Go Bananas

Score big prizes at the Go Bananas slot from Netent. Play Go Bananas with cool ape symbols that regularly appear on your reels. It will also bring wild symbols for more winnings. Win up to 140.000 coins. This game has 20 betting lines and also 5 different Wild Monkeys that activate Wild symbols. Meet the Wild Gorilla, Wild Orangutan, Wild Baboon, Wild Langur and Wild Tarsier.
When any of the 5 different Wild Monkeys appear on the reels, they turn themselves and some adjacent symbols into Wild symbols according to their individual patterns.
It is randomly decided in what direction the patterns are laid out on the reels, but the entire patterns are always visible, making all Wild symbols included in the reel area.
A Wild symbol can be part of several different Wild Monkey patterns if they overlap.
Wild Monkey symbols can appear on every reel except for Wild Gorilla, which can only appear on reels 2,3 and 4.
Wild Gorilla turns 5 symbols into Wild symbols according to different patterns.

Category: NetEnt, Slots